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Sharkstage is a company that is able to produce the necessary solutions for every stage of video production, and is brought to life by creative minds with experience in different fields of the industry. It carries out both technical and corporate level production jobs from pre-preparation to project sales, from shooting to coloring, and also offers a compact shooting studio service. It combines a unique "greenbox" area with a ceiling height of 6 meters and a studio area that can be shaped with different concepts in a comprehensive office design.

Sharkstage, which has a team that is competent in the creation of the first idea of ​​the project, scripwriting, shooting and post-production, and its representation and promotion at corporate level, from movie & TV series production to youtube channel management, from commercials to different thematic TV show shoots, from corporate videos to editing services, from music video shootings to photo shooting, It carefully meets all production needs from casting to event films under one roof with its experienced team.

Apart from the production services, Sharkstage produces different projects according to the needs of the traditional and digital media industry and sells and markets them domestically and internationally. Sharkstage also took place as a reliable service provider for foreign filmmakers wanting to shoot in Turkey.

Our priority is to produce non-stop and to be happy with what we produce. Sharkstage is proud to present its mission as "We are creative at heart!".

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